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Mount Olympus - The Hercules and Xena Podcast

Aug 29, 2018

And now Xena has a wedding or something so we follow Gabby and Joxer in Xena Episode 40: For him the bell tolls

joxer swashes all buckles, and Aphrodite and Cupid spend most of the time bickering as two kingdoms are locked a view and border dispute....thing.

The panel does something, probably noteworthy, or quite...

Aug 22, 2018


Iolaus picks up a reporter in the woods and decides to do an episode without Hercules and with Salmoneus in Hercules Episode 53 - The Lost City

The panel gives the episode a collective 'but why did we do this?' as the episode kind of just exists being there.  They also ask where is reporter Katrina, and oh apparently...

Aug 15, 2018

And this week Daoud from The Axalon Archives - A Beast Wars Podcast, swings in to tell Brian and Mark what's what in the Disney Animated Cartoon clip show assembly of Hercules: Zero to Hero.

Listen to Brian and Mark feel old and everyone gets to think back fondly on Kids Dubba Dubba Dubba Dubba Dubba Dubba Dubba...

Aug 8, 2018


And now it's time for some relatively domestic relatively bliss with Xena: Episode 39: A Day in the Life.


Watch Xena and Gabby cook fish and giants. Bathe in adoration and an actual bath.  Fight with and over frying pans in this nice change of pace episode where no one has their lover killed, or has to team up with...

Aug 1, 2018

Hercules learns that to lose one wife is misfortune and two wives is carelessness in Hercules Episode 52 - Judgment Day

Listen as Brian makes bold twitter promises that he doesn't keep since he's posting this episode at one in the morning, hear Meg's tales of glossary aversion, and oh yeah there's a whole...