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Mount Olympus - The Hercules and Xena Podcast

Feb 25, 2021

Autolycus comes in for his swan song as Hercules has to cut the ribbon at a bank opening in Hercules Ep 108: Hercules, Tramps and Thieves.  We meet Autolycus Ex-Wife, and a whole load of single entendres.  Also so much banking.

Also we learn that everyone on the panel decided to be bad at walking.

Our Own Hercules of...

Feb 18, 2021

Hey everybody Xena's got a secret in Xena Episode 94: Animal Attraction!  So Xena's pregnant, and Gabby gets a horse, and Joxer gets written out of half the episode and Amarice finds a fling, also it is a western and it all sort of inexplicably works.

Mark's finds madness and wonder amongst balloons. 

Our Own Hercules...

Feb 11, 2021

Herc vants to vight vampires ah ah ah ahhhhhh in Hercules Episode 107: Darkness Visible.  Herc and Iolaus go hang out with their friend Vlad, who impales for fun sometimes and speaks only in double entendres.  It turns into a strigoi situation.

Also we learn that everyone on the panel decided to be bad at walking.


Feb 3, 2021

Ares has a one night stand who really thinks highly of herself and Xena has to manage to not fight her to the death.  Also Ares tries to give Gabrielle a job offer in Xena Episode 93: Succession

We also discuss fear of cake.

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