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Mount Olympus - The Hercules and Xena Podcast

Jan 31, 2018

This week Hercules is nowhere to be found and Aphrodite wears his clothes in Hercules Episode 40: Love Takes a Holiday!

See Iolaus find a time traveling relative!  See Hephestus be not good at dating just at all!  See Aphrodite quit her job!  And not see Hercules!

Also we talk a whole bunch about socks!

Mount Olympus is...

Jan 24, 2018


Xena has A Wonderful Life in Xena Episode 26: Remember Nothing!

Watch Xena go almost 30 minutes without stabbing a guy in the chest!  Watch alternate universe Gabby perform slave labor!  See Xena's totally awesome other brother (the dead one!)

Mark gives a grand book update, Lucas gives a mythology update, Megan gives...

Jan 17, 2018

Time for Hercules Season 3 with Hercules Episode 39: Doomsday!

So there's this kid Icarus, who flies to close to the sun, so his father builds the Megazord.  Also Hercules picks up a scribe Katrina (The Anti-Dirce) who wants to write about his adventures, and badger people about their dead children.

Also, Spoilers, we...

Jan 11, 2018

Xena has a son! The dumbest looking son you could imagine for Xena in Xena Episode 25: Orphan of War!

Follow our journey with Xena as she fights the sum of all centaurs and abandons her child yet again!  Follow Gabby as she continues to be more judgemental than i remember.

Also hear Brian's totally correct 100%...

Jan 3, 2018


And it's time to kick off Hercules Season 3 with Hercules Episode 38: Mercenary

Hercules meets Boba Fett meets Tremors in this different but totally sweet episode of Hercules.  Hercules develops a strong sense of justice not shared by the legal system, and the show discovers the wonders of Pirate Jesus.