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Mount Olympus - The Hercules and Xena Podcast

Jun 28, 2017

When we last left Hercules he was busy being awesome, this week he tries hard to prove he isn't in Hercules Episode 28: Headless Hearts.

Join us in crying as the show presents us no less than 3 other glorious plots it could be exploring, hear Brian contemplating breaking in to his own home, Mark try to seriously derail...

Jun 21, 2017

This week, we go a questing for the treasure of the sumerians, and join up with a warlord, an assassin, and some highly questionable in hindsight relationships with Xena: Warrior Podcasts Episode 14: A Fistful of Dinars!


Come for Xena, stay for Meg's angry rant about wimpy kids.


Mount Olympus is an episode by...

Jun 14, 2017

This week Herc takes a back seat as it is time to visit an old friend who has fallen on hard times......and the hard times that have fallen on his Argonauts!

Danger! Excitement! Sailing!  And the fondest memories of watching Jason and the Argonauts as a kid!

Join us and Hercules for this special adventure!



Jun 7, 2017

This week, all that we've done before we do again as Gabby hosts a school for clip shows.  Also We Are Spartacus! And we extol the high brow virtues of driving cars both quickly and angrily.  Join us for Xena: Warrior Podcasts Episode 13: Athens City Academy of the Performing Bards!



Mount Olympus is an episode by...