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Mount Olympus - The Hercules and Xena Podcast

Sep 19, 2021


It's the future! In Xena Episode 109: Looking Death In the Eye.  And by the Future I mean a flashback to the past, which was previously the shows present.

Anyway Xena and Gabby and Eve have to die to make sure Eve doesn't really die.  Things go awry and Xena and Gabby are going to be given a deep sleep by Ares as old man Joxer recounts this final adventure that he may or may not know about depending how far along in the plot we are.

The team recounts their Con adventure, and as always recommends Star Trek Lower Decks.

Our Own Hercules of Radio: Brian
His Faithful Sidekick: Producer Mark
The Xena of Podcasts: Meg
Her Devoted Partner: Lucas

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