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Mount Olympus - The Hercules and Xena Podcast

Sep 1, 2021

Brian oversleeps and misses the show, which turns out to be a blessing for him as Mark, Meg and Lucas dive into Xena: Episode 107: Kindred Spirits.   Would you like to see the worst version of Joxer possible?  Just bottom basement sketchy Joxer?   The Joxer that's going to be the last Joxer Xena and Gabby see before they jump 25 years?

First off, why would you want that, but secondly apparently its your lucky day.

I think the panel without Brian talks about books, granted the opening 20 minutes is almost always about either books, food, or the decrepitude of middle age.

Our Own Hercules of Radio: Brian
His Faithful Sidekick: Producer Mark
The Xena of Podcasts: Meg
Her Devoted Partner: Lucas

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