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Mount Olympus - The Hercules and Xena Podcast

Dec 26, 2018

The crew gets together for the totally recorded on Christmas and not weeks ahead of time show retrospective, where they produce an hour of talk without actually having to watch a new episode.  Also Christmas, or perhaps Boxing day depending on which fiction of when this recording was made you would like to...

Dec 19, 2018

Brian is missing in action, perhaps losing his memory and joining crime like Iolaus does in Hercules Episode 61: Hero's Heart.

Iolaus has a real bad run of luck and eventually forgets everything, which apparently shows us that he is one friendship away from a really good organized crime career.

Also Brian isn't around...

Dec 12, 2018


Time to open up season three with Xena: Warrior Podcasts Episode 47: The Furies

Ares comes along to punish Xena for the murder of her father which was almost certainly orchestrated by him, also Xena goes crazy, also Ares might be Xena's father?

Also Also we spend a lot of time talking about The Big Ragoo

Mount Olympus...

Dec 5, 2018


Season 4 starts right out of the gate off the rails in Hercules Episode 60: Beanstalks and Bad Eggs.

Typhoon (brother of Typhon) is here and is all about the pantomime dance, Leanna is here with advanced Stockholm Syndrome and Hercules and Autolycus are working for ancient greek make-a-wish.

Also the Christmas season...

Nov 28, 2018


And this week Meg and Lucas get sick to avoid Thanksgiving and go find some Three Stooges who meet Hercules.

Brian may have only edited the intro and outro and has no idea what you're in for.  They probably cure cancer or something.

Mount Olympus is an episode by episode review of the smash 90s television programs...