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Mount Olympus - The Hercules and Xena Podcast

May 14, 2021

Ares is back baby in Xena Ep 99: Seeds of Faith.  Eli is gonna fight the Gods with peace.  Angel Callisto is going to try and finally make peace.  Xena and Gabrielle won't have any peace because out of Eli Ares is gonna take a piece.  

The panel reflects on cynicism, friendship, and pancakes.  Also The Outpost.

Our Own...

May 7, 2021

We did it!  Hercules Episode 111 - Full Circle - Hera's back from the pit, Zeus is a bad dad, Ares tries to overthrow the Gods, Herc and Iolaus on one last legendary journey.   The series ends!  We actually made it!

In panel discussions Brian watched BBC's Ghosts and the panel debates the desirability of living in a...

Apr 28, 2021

Somehow, Xena manages to log another clunker of an episode, completing an exceedingly rare three episode run of under-par episodes. 

Our Own Hercules of Radio: Brian
His Faithful Sidekick: Producer Mark
The Xena of Podcasts: Meg
Her Devoted Partner: Lucas

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Apr 22, 2021

We're almost there folks, but before we do the end let's skip almost the whole way back to the beginning with that last clip show of a final TV movie before the series proper: Hercules in the Maze of the Minotaur.

To say this one is uneven is probably a bit too kind to it.  Much like the jarring kindness and...

Apr 14, 2021

We leave Chin for all of 12 seconds and its right back because Xena left the undead black powder on in Xena Episode 97: Back in the Bottle.  This uneven episode proves they can't all be winners.

Because this one isn't a winner the panel takes an inordinate amount of time talking about how in college gym class none of...